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Problem: We all know banks or governments can cut access to your bank account. Few realize a centralized website wrapping a smart contract can cut your service. This violates the ethos of decentralized cryptocurrencies. Read Nick Szabo's article on Trusted Third Parties are Security Holes for more details on the problem

Solution: The Fractalide project consists of a new browser and an app marketplace. The browser, Hyperflow, lets people build and run cryptocurrencies and their associated apps. The app marketplace, Fractalmarket, lets people buy, sell and share apps. Hyperflow and Fractalmarket connect using Named Data Networking. Meaning, your apps run on your machine in a peer-to-peer fashion.

We support companies developing dapps on the Cardano network by offering development services, technical analysis and provide a Cardano stake pool.


People need a simple way to use smart contracts. Hyperflow is a browser for smart contract apps and cryptocurrencies. It allows users to build and run apps such as wallets.

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We need to share apps. Hyperflow connects to an app market called Fractalmarket. Fractalmarket lets people buy, sell and share Hyperflow apps.

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Development and Analysis

We need high quality apps. We offer blockchain development, application development and technical analysis. Fractalide's reusable, reproducible and composable features allows us to reduce costs.

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Cardano Stake Pool

A way to help fund core Fractalide software. A Cardano stake pool allows users to stake offline. All profit goes towards Fractalide development.

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