You don't have to be a programmer to use cryptocontracts.

Finding apps on CARDANO network is hard*, using them is harder.
Fractalide is an app store much like Apple's and Google's.
A central repository where you can quickly find and use CARDANO's apps.

*the CARDANO computation layer is still not released yet


Fractalide is a marketplace of reusable components that can be used with graphical programming tools to build a solution to virtually any problem.

Currently it is unintuitive for non-technical end users to interact with published cryptocontracts. For this reason cryptocontracts will not easily reach mainstream.

End users expect a convenient one-click platform that delivers user friendly yet secure third party applications which are designed to use cryptocontracts. This platform can be broken down into three parts: building, distribution and the blockchain interaction parts.

The vision is to build a platform that makes the building and distribution of blockchain friendly applications laughably easy.

  1. Hyperflow: A Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform
  2. Fractalmarket: A cryptocontract app marketplace

Hyperflow facilitates the creation of applications and components that interact with smart contracts which can be published on Fractalmarket. Fractalmarket aims to be the main marketplace that allows buying and selling of cryptocontract applications between third party vendors and end users.


Rapid Application Development platform

Hyperflow draws much inspiration from HyperCard. It allows programmers and non-programmers to easily build problem solving applications. Though we will differ from HyperCard on these points.

HyperCard concepts to keep:

  • The intuitive, semantically clear and easy to learn approach HyperCard is famous for.
  • It’s very easy to see and test what you just built, by simply switching between run mode and design mode.
  • Keep the concept of cards and stacks, an analogy would be; a card is a webpage and a stack is a website. Each card contains GUI components and logic that links all the other cards together to form a stack of cards.

HyperCard concepts to remove:

  • Remove the HyperTalk programming language and replace it with Flowscript. HyperTalk isn’t a powerful enough programming language for more serious apps.
  • Design it such that stacks can be shareable and reproducible across networks of computers.


A Cryptocontract App Marketplace

Hyperflow components and applications should be shared with people. This will be done via Fractalmarket.

Fractalmarket has these features:

  • Users may buy and sell components and applications for FRACTAL.
  • Users may search and download components and applications.
  • We are aligning Fractalmarket to reward people for creating and using reusable components.


Safe, secure, scalable blockchains

Designed from first principles, the CARDANO blockchain will be the most powerful, customizable, scalable platform out there.

Although Fractalide is not associated with IOHK, Cardano Foundation nor Emurgo, we feel strongly that CARDANO is the way of the future hence we’re putting money on that horse.

Reasons for choosing CARDANO:

  • CARDANO is designed in layers, separating money from the machine. The Settlement Layer and Computation Layer exist independently of each other.
  • The Computation Layer makes use of Grigore Rosu’s K-Framework, an executable semantics framework. Meaning any programming language created with it is formally specified out of the box. Ensuring your smart contract code does exactly what it’s meant to do. Thus taking significant steps at avoiding catastrophic events like the Ethereum DAO cracking event and the Parity multi-sig debacle.
  • Plutus the CARDANO smart contract programming language is designed by Philip Wadler.
  • High (enough) assurance code: CARDANO implements Ouroboros, a provably secure Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, where the semantic gap between implementation and theory was closed by incremental developments ensuring shipped code accurately matches specification.
  • Ouroboros draws a few important ideas from Silvio Micali’s Algorand and thus is in the same family of energy efficient and democratic Proof of Stake algorithms.
  • The development and research team behind CARDANO are best of breed.
  • A treasury using Liquid Democracy takes steps at ensuring the CARDANO blockchain is properly maintained.

The second blockchain Fractalide will support is the Tangrum Blockchain.

Resources + Research


Stewart Mackenzie

Founder + Programmer

Denis Michiels


Eric Sagnes


Silviu Tanase

Community Manager

Elaine Ou


Roy Zou

Investor + Advisor

Fractalide started life as a Master Thesis in Université catholique de Louvain under Professor Peter Van Roy back in 2014. Since then the project has undergone multiple rewrites in different programming languages, with new functionality and realizations. Every contribution helps us complete this undertaking. Thank you.