Cardano DApp Browser

Problem: A centralised app provider operates behind closed doors. It can cut your service, invade your privacy and can be disabled in one hit.

Solution: Fractalide supports the creation of decentralised apps ("dapps"). Anyone can create, buy, sell and share dapps in a stable, reliable way.


We need a simple way to use smart contracts. Hyperflow is a browser for smart contract dapps and cryptocurrencies. It allows anyone to build and run dapps, such as cyrptocurrency wallets.

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Once dapps are developed, there needs to be a place where they can be shared. Hyperflow connects to a dapp market called Fractalmarket, where anyone can buy, sell and share Hyperflow dapps.

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Development and Analysis

We offer blockchain development, dapp development and technical analysis. Fractalide unique strength is in its reusable, reproducible and composable components, which keep costs low and maintenance easy.

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You don't need to be online to secure your Proof of Stake coin. By delegating your vote to Fractalide's stake pools, you can continue to secure the consensus algorithm while offline, and you'll be contributing to the development of Fractalide.

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