A Browser for an Information Centric Network

Problem: A centralised app provider (i.e. websites) operates behind closed doors. It can cut your service, invade your privacy and can be disabled in one hit.

Solution: Fractalide supports the creation of decentralised apps ("dapps"). Anyone can create, buy, sell and share dapps in a stable, reliable way. More importantly, Fractalide allows you to have the content dissemination capabilities of tech giants at negligible cost.


We need a simple way to interact with each other without governments and monopolies spying on and censoring us. Trulity is a next generation browser built from scratch and is used to run dapps.

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Mercat Cross

Dapps need to be shared. Trulity makes use of a dapp marketplace called Mercat Cross, where anyone can buy, sell and share Trulity dapps using Luceo coin.

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We need a way to make commercial transactions with other people. Wherever you have browsers you have interacting people. When people interact, commercial transactions happen. Instead of using an antiquated fiat banking system, we use a modern cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

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Show your support by delegating your stake to our stakepools thus allowing us to further develop Trulity, a free and open source browser from pool fees earned. Stakepools are our first point of contact with people. We rely on word of mouth so please do tell your friends to stake with us.

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