A privacy preserving platform
for communications and financial transactions

Problem: Governments and technology giants put their citizens/users under surveillance. They may switch off your bank account and see private information you communicate.

Solution: Luceo, Fractalide's digital currency, will be a privacy preserving currency with a communications platform that allows you to communicate securely without requiring GAFAM*

* Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft..


Luceo is a privacy preserving, permissionless, immutable, scalable, efficient Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency based on Ouroboros. The currency is meant for people who appreciate strong privacy.

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Stakepools are a decentralised way of securing a digital currency as they allow the currency to have an immutable transaction history. Luceo is a permissionless currency, meaning that anyone can participate in securing the currency and earning rewards by running a Luceo stakepool.

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