A Kingmaker Browser

Being truthful and responsible are the core characteristics of a hero. Speaking truth to power and shouldering responsibility to the point of buckling knees is the only antidote to bitterness and resentment.

The words truth & responsibility, typically depicted by a hero's sword, are combined to name the browser trulity. Two qualities a pioneer needs to overcome the chaos dragons guarding and obscuring a new internet frontier. A frontier where freedom of speech prevails and monopolies can't disable your account or spy on you. These ideological virtue signalling dragons who think their role is to police free speech are real and won't hesitate to take your head off.

Trulity consists of two systems: 1) A cryptocurrency allowing you, at negligible cost, to have a bank in your back pocket. 2) An Information Centric Network (ICN) allowing you, at negligible cost, to have the data dissemination capabilities of internet monopolies from your back pocket. Participating in the above socially scalable systems equates to pulling a kingmaker sword from its hard stone sheath.

Trulity is capable of slashing open the bellies of centralised TCP/IP monopolies, releasing billions of pent up dollars into the market.

Trulity Modes and Waves

Node mode

Nodemoders are the first wave of pioneers. These people move into uninhabited, wild territory seeking out and extracting gold ore and nuggets from hills and rivers. Currently the Fractalide project is in this stage and seeks out these pioneers.

This browser mode consists of a text editor and an interpreter so that people may build the very lowest level of reusable, reproducible and composable components. Luceo is the gold to be extracted. A large portion of Luceo will be used to subsidise nodemoders building out initial infrastructure.

Graph mode

Graphmoders are the second wave of pioneers consisting of blacksmiths, inn keepers, bakers, coin minters etc. They are the specialists that sell services in new towns earning recently minted gold coins.

This browser mode consists of a visual tool for domain experts to compose components created by nodemoders into problem solving dapps. Graphmoders might not be programmers, but they do know how to snap lego blocks together and to markup their compositions allowing them to earn Luceo.

Run mode

Runmoders are the last phase of settlers, they seek out already built towns with polished products and a high standard of living. The town must have sufficient gold circulating so that they may comfortably set up a business, albeit, in a competitive environment and thrive.

This browser mode, allows one to buy and run dapps in much the same way one interacts with websites in legacy browsers, except they have the power of Google’s entire data dissemination capabilities in their back pocket.