Fractalide XTZ Stakepool

Our stakepool is now live and you're welcome to put your tezzies to work by delegating them to our below address.

We return 93% the rewards to our delegators in the same cycle they are released. All our pool software is open source and we operate is a high security environment. Pool earnings are used to help fund the development of Trulity, an open source browser for a future internet. Just as cryptocurrencies allow for a bank in your back pocket, so Fractalide aims to give you data dissemination capabilities of Internet monopolies at negligible cost.

Delegation address

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Your Estimated Fractalide XTZ Stake Pool Rewards


Your Estimated Fractalide XTZ Stake Pool Delegation Annual Reward Percentage

8.8 %

Earnings Calculation

Your earnings are based on a few factors which include:
  • Amount of XTZ delegated to Fractalide XTZ Stake Pool.
  • Amount of XTZ held in bonding.
  • Total XTZ staked by every XTZ holder globally.
  • Bake and endorse selection rates.
  • Random valued transaction fees in the blocks we bake.
  • When you start and stop delegating with us during a baking cycle.
  • Required gas needed to send your reward back to you.

Estimates & Projections

We've tried our best efforts to given the data available to arrive at the current earnings. Baking rights, earnings, fees and the actual network are very unpredictable as such we're currently not working out earning projections. This may change in future.

The source code for the stake pool is free and open source under the MPLv2 license. We encourage contributions should you find any issue with the code. Indeed we go further and hope you use our software to setup your own stake pool should you be technically inclined.

Should the Fractalide XTZ Stake Pool become over delegated, meaning we don't have enough bond to cover the baking fees for all baking rights delegated to us, we'll only pay out baking fees on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to change this approach at any time.

We reserve the right to change any term of this delegation service at any time and are not obligated to inform you of any change.

Community Impact

Pool earnings will be used to:
  • Develop the Fractalide browser a future open source Internet browser.
  • Develop and maintain open source stakepool software used for multiple different Proof of Stake blockchains.
  • Develop the networking infrastructure used for the Fractalide browser.
  • Infrastructure for running the Fractalide XTZ Stake Pool delegation service.
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