Fractalide Stakepools

Proof of Stake consensus algorithms require users to be online when it's their turn to make a block, this isn't always possible. A stakepool allows users to delegate their vote to a stake pool of their choice. This way, users can take part in securing the consensus algorithm, earn rewards and be offline.

Fractalide focuses on Ouroboros technologies. Ada and Luceo solve different problems and co-exist harmoniously. Both will have the features of sharding and Proof-of-stake as they share the same code base. Where they differ; Ada is configured as a non-privacy preserving currency, while Luceo a privacy preserving currency.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) already has a large user base and is listed on many exchanges. We provide a list of Cardano (ADA) stakepools we think are doing a great job of building tools.

Selected Cardano (ADA) stakepool list

Luceo (CEO)

The Luceo (CEO) coin will focus on privacy preserving use cases. We aim for the coin to be the primary currency for an application market we aim to develop.

Selected Luceo (CEO) stakepool list