Each stage represents an important milestone of the Fractalide project. The highlevel goals of this project consist of implementing a non-privacy preserving cryptocurrency, then a privacy preserving extension. After this focus moves to enabling the application layer and implementing "killer applications" that drive demand for the Luceo currency.

STAGE 1 - Luceo Genesis Praos Betanet

At this stage of the project, Luceo will only implement the Genesis Praos consensus protocol. It'll be a fully decentralised network capable of transactions. A testnet will allow users to try out the currency. Companies and individuals may setup stakepools and encourage users to delegate their Luceo to them.


Progress 90%

90% Complete
  • Transactions
  • UTXO
  • Accounts
  • Multisig
  • Stakepool
  • Certificates
  • Cryptographic Primitives
  • Consensus Primitives
  • Proof-of-stake Consensus


Progress 40%

40% Complete
  • Define communication between nodes
  • Node bootstrapping
  • Nodes exchange blocks

Luceo Genesis Praos Testnet

Progress 95%

95% Complete
  • Start Luceo Testnet in Genesis Praos mode

Luceo Genesis Praos Betanet

Progress 95%

95% Complete
  • Start Luceo Betanet in Genesis Praos mode

STAGE 2 - Luceo Crypsinous Mainnet

Luceo Crypsinous Mainnet brings to completion the privacy preserving extension for financial transactions. By this stage Genesis Praos should already be running for a sufficiently long time in Betanet. A snapshot of the existing Genesis Praos UTXO will be extracted and used to generate a new genesis block in Crypsinous mode.

Ouroboros Crypsinous

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Extend Luceo so that it supports privacy preserving functionality

Luceo Crypsinous Mainnet

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Upon completion of Ouroboros Crypsinous we launch Luceo Crypsinous Mainnet

STAGE 3 - Applications

The application layer builds out a platform for Luceo holders to create, buy and sell applications on an app marketplace. Fundamental to this is the implementation of the Named Data Networking (NDN) protocol in Rust. A front end for the NDN is needed as well as a frontend for Luceo users to make transactions. Lastly, a "killer app" is needed: By leveraging NDN which reduces data dissemination costs, users may stream pay per views without needing centralised tech giant monopolies like Youtube, thus creating demand for Luceo.

Named Data Networking (NDN)

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Utilize libp2p and implement Named Data Networking in Rust

Jolt - Jormungandr frontend

Progress 3%

3% Complete
  • Jolt is a Jormungandr frontend giving users a convenient frontend to manage a wallet

Puff - An NDN frontend

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Create an NDN frontend which executes applications obtained from the NDN

Pay per video stream application

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Utilize Named Data Networking to allow users to broadcast without using centralised streaming services like Youtube

Application marketplace

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • An application marketplace allows users to buy and sell applications they create