The Fractalide Roadmap is a changelog of what has happened in the project. We've chosen to represent changes in a format that highlights objectives and work done to complete a release. The progress bar gives a best-effort estimate on the completion of the release.

At Fractalide, we believe that all developers, be they a founder or an occasional contributor, should be subject to the same contribution policy. It applies to everyone equally. The contribution policy we follow is the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4).

Everyone is welcome to participate.


Pascal represents the initial release of Hyperflow. Hyperflow is a new browser for decentralized applications that may interface with cryptocurrencies and associated smart contracts. It solves the problem of governments and banks censoring people. Once cryptocurrencies scale, whole new domains of economic activity will arise. The activity must develop on infractructure that is decentralized. Not the centralized client-server model of today's point-to-point TCP/IP centralized Internet. A model governments and international corporations already control. Pascal implements the basic infrastructure which allows the building and execution of Fractalide applications in Hyperflow.

Hyperflow Minimal

Progress 60%

60% Complete
  • Racket Flow-based programming scheduler
  • Node, agent and graph interfaces
  • Card Paradigm: a HyperCard inspired representation of GUI compositions using Flow-based programming
  • Node Mode displays a basic text editor; to write agent source code
  • Graph Mode displays graphs as text only; to compose agents together into apps
  • Run Mode renders apps
  • website - what you're reading!
  • Racket2Nix now wraps Racket packages and their transitive dependencies in Nix. Allowing you to declaratively pull in racket dependencies into your agent
  • Racket Flow-based programming scheduler correctly schedules the execution of agents
  • Racket Fractalide Virtual Machine executes graphs describing applications
  • Graph interfaces are completed, this includes virtual ports between agents
  • Minimal Graph description language is completed and surprisingly succinct, we might just keep this as the primary inerface for composing graphs
  • Agent interfaces are completed, we've reduced an agent's interface to the minimal amount of code allowing for fast programming. Agents support input and output array ports, simple input and output ports along with an accumulator and option port
  • Card Paradigm, interacting with racket/gui and the Card Paradigm works, we can get simple applications running that dynamically change
  • Graph mode displays a set of nodes which can link together
  • Graph mode can load an existing hierarchy of nodes

Hyperflow Alpha

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Named Data Networking Layer for Apps
  • Node Mode includes a basic debugger
  • Improved Graph editing in graph mode, possibly with rudimentary graphical movable components, or maybe a regenerated image of the graph
  • Improved UI by upgrading to GTK+ 3
  • Improve the graph language such that it'll be fast for the develop/compile/test cycle yet be completely reproducible. Meaning add a nix layer to describe graph dependencies declaratively

Hyperflow Beta

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Graph Mode Information flow debugger
  • Graphical construction of the graph
  • Support for multiple platforms (Mac OS, Linux and Windows 10)
  • Allow for optimizations by easily dropping down into an existing Rust implementation
  • Improved User Interface by creating a new GTK+ 3 CSS theme

Hyperflow Stable

Progress 0%

0% Complete
  • Extensive documentation is written
  • More items to add as we get closer to this release


The Fibonacci release builds out the first user facing Fractalide applications. Primarily this will be a Cardano Wallet (Cantor) implementation. It'll be a functional wallet that will implement features similar to that of Daedalus. The only other wallet on the Cardano system

Cantor Wallet

Progress 45%

45% Complete
  • Stand alone Cantor Wallet
  • Multiple platform support (Linux, Windows 10, MacOS, Android, iOS)
  • Hyperflow support

Created a frontend for the Cantor wallet

Tezos Stakepool

Progress 90%

90% Complete
  • Tezos stakepool setup and running
  • Nix expressions complete
  • Machines setup in secure locations
  • Hardware wallets setup in secure locations

Luceo Token Generation Event

Progress 80%

80% Complete
  • Website completed ready to promote LUCEO
  • Dry run the entire process to ensure our process is sound
  • Graphics completed
  • ICO details page completed
  • Easter eggs installed