Mercat Cross

A Decentralised App Marketplace

Every hero needs a place to hang their battle axe after a long day dragon hunting. Dragon loot needs to be traded, families need to be fed. Ale needs to be drunk. A hero not only overcomes the dragon at great risk to themselves, but they must bring back and share the loot, otherwise they're just selfish bastards.

Trulity's software blocks are shareable on the Mercat Cross. A marketplace that allows heroes to search for, and include software blocks into their dapps. Meaning a reduction in software development cost. It enables people to build ever more powerful dapps by standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Mercat Cross integrates directly into Trulity. Anyone can upload and trade software blocks using Luceo, or publish them as open source with or without a price tag.

Buy, sell and share components allowing you to shift away from the click bait advertising model prevalent today.

Some drag-and-drop software blocks on the Mercat Cross are designed to interface with smart contracts. Easily find and integrate them into your dapps.

Anyone can create reusable software blocks to upload to the Meract Cross. You are rewarded each time your software blocks are reused by others.

Mercat DApps

Cantor Wallet

A wallet for your dragon loot, that is if you kept your head.