Luceo (CEO)

An Implementation of Ouroboros Crypsinous, a Privacy-Preserving Proof-of-Stake Coin with Native K Smart Contracts.

Luceo belongs in the hands of first wave pioneers building a brave new world. Pioneers leave comfort zones and head into dangerous unknown terrain in search of a brighter future. They see what could be, and are prepared to kill dragons to achieve their goals.

Here be ideological giant tech dragons who see it their place to police free speech. They will cut access to your account and in the near future, should they control the monetary supply, render you broke at the flick of a switch. Some countries have already implemented such draconian systems such as the Social Credit Score.

Luceo is a cryptocurrency that aims to implements Ouroboros Crypsinous, a privacy preserving coin with native K-Framework smart contracts which are formally verified. Luceo is suitable for the rough and ready pioneer looking to forge a new uninhibited internet where free speech and chain history immutability are sacrosanct. Though due to time constraints we'll first start off with a non-privacy preserving coin and evolve towards Crypsinous.

Privacy Preserving

Is there an organisation that accepts having all of its income and expenses seen by its competitors? In the vein of free speech, one should be able to censor your transactions from those that would conspire to control.

Verified Ledgerware

Operational semantics successfully bridges the Semantic Gap. The K-Framework represents decades of research and has formally specify IELE, Casper and the KEVM. K will be used to implement Luceo's ledgerware.

Energy Efficient

Proof-of-Stake consumes far less energy than Proof-of-Work. Participants no longer need to fork out large amounts of money to buy ASIC miners, all they need to participate in the consensus process is to own Luceo coin.