A dapp browser for Cardano

The most distinctive feature of Hyperflow is that can be used by everyone, regardless of technical know-how. From advanced programmers to regular users with no programming skills.

The current trend is to use a centralised webserver which interacts with a decentralised blockchain. This approach is a cop out and introduces a trusted third party susceptible to attack.

To develop a properly decentralised app framework we need to start at a more fundamental level. We do this by making use of Named Data Networking, which divorces location from data. Meaning in order to get data you do not need to go to an IP address. You simply issue a request for data by name and the network, a TCP/IP overlay, will return it.

The second fundamental modification we've made is breaking the application into atomic reusable and reproducible units making them conducive to being transmitted over a Named Data Network.

Hyperflow is dapp browser which allows you to build, test, run and distribute your dapps to other people. Dapps run locally on your computer and communicate with other dapps using Named Data Networking.

Hyperflow features

Node mode

Node mode is for programmers. It allows them to build reusable, reproducible and composable software agents, or nodes. These are “black box” processes that do one and only one thing. They have unique names, enforced by the nix language.

Racket is the glue language. It provides the programmer with plenty of languages to use within agents, and the Rust language makes for fast, secure dapps.

Graph mode

Graph mode is for people who are experts in their industries, such as engineers, biologists, or mathematicians, who may not necessarily have programming skills. Using a visual tool, they can easily compose subgraphs using the nodes created by programmers.

Subgraphs and agents are both considered nodes, and can be composed into graphs, or networks of nodes, which become a dapp. Fractalide’s core strength is that nodes are independent blocks of software that are reusable, reproducable and composable. Nodes can be connected in as many ways as you wish, to create any number of different dapps.

Run mode

Run mode is for everyone, and does not require programming knowledge. It runs dapps created by programmers and industry experts. Just enter the name of the dapp in the search bar, and Hyperflow will find and run the dapp, just like any other browser.

In this mode, you can buy high-quality dapps. A typical dapp on Hyperflow would be a cryptocurrency wallet. In the future, dapps will be able to talk to smart contracts to carry out advanced concepts, such as taking out insurance.