Development and Analysis

Fractalide Features

Fractalide's defining feature is its reusable, reproducible and composable nodes, or software blocks. The independent nodes makes changes easy - instead of having to scrap entire builds and developing new ones, nodes can be switched out and worked on individually, without affecting the rest of the dapp, meaning reduced costs in both software development and maintenance, as well as increased quality and stability.


Nodes are “black box” processes that do one and only one thing. Each node has a single function with the same signature, which allows for a reusable system. As nodes are reused, the quality of the software improves. Over time, the nodes become increasingly robust.


Most reusable systems don’t consider reproducibility - the ability to reproduce a system with the least work possible. We've reduced it to a single step - typing the name of a node. The system automatically sets up all transitive dependencies, even if they have dependencies on other subsystems like Python.


Composable systems allow the programmer to layer software, but Fractalide goes a step further and makes it easy to decompose an abstraction too, so you can isolate the exact node you want. Not only is strong isolation great for reusability, it also makes light work of hunting for bugs. For long-term maintenance, this means increased efficiency and lower costs.

Services Offered

We offer development and consulting in the following areas:

Blockchain Development

We build financial systems and blockchains for government entities and corporations. Our reusable, reproducible and composable software blocks allow us to offer stable, high-quality solutions at better prices.

Application Development

Fractalide dapps run on Hyperflow and are reusable, reproducible and composable software blocks that can talk to smart contracts on the blockchain. We offer services to help design and develop dapps, from general purpose applications which might not connect to a blockchain, to logistics applications coupled with specific blockchains.

Technical Analysis

Have your white paper analysed by a team led by Meredith L. Patterson, creator of the field of IEEE Language-theoretic Security. The analysis can be extended into the language security of your smart contract. All research is published under Community Commons License Attribution + ShareAlike (BY-SA).