What is Cantor?

Fractalide's first application is Cantor, a Cardano wallet. The wallet allows you to send and receive ADA. Please consider this alpha software and use with patience once it's released.

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Cantor features

Easy-to-use software 'building blocks'

The software components are designed to be reusable, reproducible and composable, meaning anyone can easily build new wallets to support other cryptocurrencies.

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A formally verified Cardano wallet

Cantor adheres to the Cardano Wallet Specification document by using IOHK's new wallet backend. Meaning our wallet will be well behaved.

Efficient, long-term integration

Most Fractalide dapps will need to interact with Cardano's currency ADA. With Cantor, the process is streamlined - all they need to do is call in the wallet and start transacting with ADA. Cantor makes dapps usable more quickly and to more people.