Hyperflow is a browser for smart contracts apps and cryptocurrencies

Hyperflow draws much inspiration from the 1980ies HyperCard application. It allows non-technical people to build and run problem solving apps. Though we will differ from HyperCard on these points.

Hypercard concepts to keep

The intuitive, and easy to learn approach HyperCard is famous for.

It’s very easy to try out your app, by switching between run mode and design mode.

Keep the concept of cards and stacks, an analogy would be; a card is a webpage and a stack is a website. Each card contains GUI components and logic that links other cards together to form a stack of cards.

Cards, stacks and low level components are shareable via Fractalmarket.

Hypercard concepts to remove

Remove the HyperTalk programming language and replace it with Flowscript. A Flow-based Programming language that promotes reusability.

HyperCard didn't have a network layer. We'll add networking to share apps.

HyperCard is old and outdated. Hyperflow is a fresh new take on HyperCard, being completely rewritten from scratch.

Hyperflow features.

Node mode

Node mode is for programmers. It allows them to build reusable, reproducible and composable software agents. Otherwise known as “black box” processes. Agents do one and only one thing. They have unique names, enforced by the nix language.

Racket, the glue language. Provides the programmer with plenty of languages to use within agents. Rust makes for fast, secure apps.

Graph mode

Graph mode is for domain experts, such as engineers, biologists and mathematicians. They may compose agents created by programmers into subgraphs. Subgraphs and agents are nodes. Their interface looks the same, and are an abstraction.

Networks of nodes exchange data across predefined connections by message passing. Connections are external to nodes. Nodes reconnect to form different apps, without changing their internals.

Run mode

Run mode is for all users. It runs applications created by programmers and domain experts. Users may enter the name of the app they want in the search bar at the top and Hyperflow will find and run the app. It’s the same idea as your Firefox browser.

Typical apps would be cryptocurrency wallets. One day, apps that talk to smart contracts to do insurance and other advanced concepts. Users may also buy high-quality apps if they wish.