Development and Analysis

Fractalide Features

Fractalide applications are written using reusable, reproducible and composable software blocks. Customers see benefit, through a reduction in software development costs and increase in quality and stability.


Components consist of a function with predefined bounded buffer inputs and outputs. Every component has a single function with the same signature. This design allows for a reusable systems. Software quality improves as components are reused. Over time components become robust, meaning you spend less on firefighting.


Most reusable systems don’t pay enough attention to reproducibility. Reproducibility is the act of reproducing a system with the least amount of manual steps. We have reduced it to typing a component’s name. The build system sets up all transitive dependencies. Even if they have dependencies on other subsystems like python. Fewer manual steps mean less money spent on programmer time. Making programmers more productive.


Composable systems allow the programmer to layer software into abstractions. Each abstraction does one and only one thing. It’s quite easy to decompose an abstraction and isolate the exact component you want. Then reuse it in a new abstraction. Strong isolation lets programmers bug hunt faster and design systems amenable to long-term maintenance. After all, the sofware maintenance phase is the most expensive.

Services Offered

We offer development and consulting in these areas

Blockchain Development

We build financial systems and blockchains for government entities and corporations. Our focus is on reusing as much code as possible. This allows us provide better prices and offer higher quality solutions to customers.

Application Development

Fractalide apps run on Hyperflow and are reusable, reproducible and composable components. They can talk to smart contracts on the blockchain. We offer corporations development services to help design and develop their applications. These might be general purpose applications which might not connect to a blockchain. They may be logistics application coupled to a specific blockchain.

Technical Analysis

Meredith L. Patterson, the founder of the IEEE Language-theoretic Security field. Will do an analysis of your white paper. The Analysis may extend into language security analysis of your smart contract. All research is published using the Community Commons License Attribution + ShareAlike (BY-SA).